Soar Technology Co., Ltd est nominatos artifices, amet et exporters de Cum venerabilis testis, cum officinas in Taiwan. In ordine faciens annis usus agnoscimur nostrae praeclaros effectus in augue. Donec in primis inter nos adiuvavit Taiwan. Constanter upgrade nostri products obviam internationalis signa. Nos tenere bigas professionales, quae praebet in tempore deliberatis cum princeps quality.Our sinceritate et opere adiuvit nos aequare qualitas gentium signa.


Soar Technology Co., Ltd., established in October of the Republic of China, was originally Zhanao Co., Ltd.-Probe and Trade Department Independently established "Soar Technology Co., Ltd.", so it has many years of experience in probe processing and sales and emphasizes strict quality control. We provide complete semiconductor test consumables, parts, processing components, etc., and provide all customized machine equipment planning related to probe cards.

Initially, he was a professional agent of Probe Technology and ITW, responsible for product sales and integrated planning, including customized production of microscope units, needle adjustment machines, needle grinding machines, and punching machines. We provide professional processing and design suggestions for probes of various materials, and can provide complete PROBE CARD consumables services. We have many years of cooperation experience with many well-known semiconductor factories and PROBE CARD factories.

At present, the main products are probes, Probe Card making related materials, and all the hand tools and various components required for making PROBE CARD materials, Tube sleeves, sandpaper, Epoxy, tweezers and other products are available for customer request. It has also signed a cooperation agreement with UTITEC, the US company, and is currently the only general agent in Asia for UTITEC.

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Cum venerabilis testis

cum internationalibus signa. Secundum ad genera fabricare postulat, offerimus perfectum officia ad te.